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Giving an 18th century landmark a splash of 21st century technology


Giving an 18th century landmark a splash of 21st century technology

When the Arts Council of New Orleans needed help with an eye-catching architainment project, they reached out to Solomon Group.

LUNA Fête 2014 is a first-of-its-kind presentation that blends the city’s historic architecture with state-of-the-art light and video mapping technology, sound and motion graphics.

Solomon Group worked internationally with La Maison Productions -- a well-known French light art company -- which designed a nine-minute video presentation for the project that celebrates New Orleans’ history and culture.  Our task was to transform the video into a beautifully-composed, tailor-made projection across the 75-foot-tall, Greek Revival façade of Gallier Hall, an iconic New Orleans landmark.

Months in advance, our team created a 3D laser scan of the 161-year old building in order to create a high precision map of the structure's front face, a crucial step for turning it into a display surface.   Once the artists completed their work, our technicians programmed the projection to match Gallier Hall’s neoclassic architecture.  The fast-paced stream of animated images includes computer-generated steamboats, Carnival throws, musical instruments, swamp creatures, fires, meteor showers and more.

The surrealistic spectacle was set to music and displayed twice-nightly during the first week of December.   Our team employed four, 18,000 lumen projectors, two Hippo Grasshoppers, a L’Acoustics Audio System and more to bring the show to life.  At the end of each viewing, crowds that gathered along St. Charles Avenue to watch the show erupted in applause.

What We did

  • Outdoor Projection Mapping
  • Programming
  • Media Servers
  • Sound Systems
  • Project Management + Consultation